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> How can I browse Windows from Unix?
> I'm using FreeBSD 4.7, Samba, and KDE3. I'd like to be able to browse
> also from command line.
> I have not found instructions on use of smbclient-win32 and do not
> want to use sharity. smbclien-win32 comes with and exe file and cygwin
> dll's - but what are you supposed to do with them, copy the dll's to
> system or system32 foler and just run the exec? and then what?
> I don't care if I sound stupid, but surely somebody could suggest
> where to find the information? Google was of no help. :((
> Thanks,
> PJ

Depends where your windows is. Assuming its on another box, samba should
be able to do it; it can be both client and server. The win box should
be set up to sharing (in this case the win is the samba/netbios server
not the*nix!), for the CLI on your *NIX (samba client in this case) you
can use the smbclient program which is an ftp like interface to samba
shares(beit on a NIX or a Win box). Not sure if this is what you mean.
Not quite. I have samba on FreeBSD and would like to see the windows file on anothe machine on the Lan. I do have FreeBsd on another machine (this one) and I can mount the Windows files even on a FastTrack raid array(1) access, copy & write (if I remember right) files. But how to do the same from the *nix on the Lan?

I don't know cygwin (to be run from the win box I reckon; I think this
is more for when you want an X-in-a-window from a *NIX client onto a
Win box), never tried it.
Personally, I have never needed it as i have postgres & other stuff on the FreeBSD machine. :))


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