On Tuesday 29 January 2008 23:11:35 Darryl Hoar wrote:

> >>If you play games or use other apps that make processes grow beyond
> >> 512MB,
> you
> >>also need to set kern.defdsiz and kern.maxdsiz in /boot/loader.conf to a
> more
> >>desirable value (if you can spare the physical ram).
> I have 2GB RAM in this box, so I'm OK on physical ram.  But there will be
> no game playing on this server.

Pending what's more important:
- could set process size to 768M or 1G and let mysql eat it (faster cached 
queries, can handle sorting better without using tmp files).

- don't increase it, instead use more forks on the webserver

But this is tuning for high loads, really. Outof the box for small office 
internal usage, it shouldn't need tuning. The max data size for a process is 
just something you run into sooner rather then later.

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