I want to setup a service such that sending a mail to say "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" with a list of links per line results in my machine downloading the files at these links replying with all these files attached.

Is there any port which provides a functionality like this? Or is it possible to put together such a setup in place? I tried a Google search but didn't

very easy using just bash curl metamail etc...

but first think about protecting it from abuse like

a) someone will use it as spamming machine, writing advert as image, and sending it through your service to 100000 users (using your bandwidth) by using robot that will 100000 times request to send an URL to mail.

b) someone else will be trying to overload your service requesting to mail lots of huge files many times (limit total size+size of one file)

you must do something like "captcha" or at least - first sending mail without attachment like this

- Someone - possibly you - requested to download and send such files:

URL list here

to your mail.

if it's you, jest use reply with this code: <unique code here>

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