It works, thanks a lot.
But, it seems the size of the font is larger than before, anyway the main problem is not the font size:)

Best wishes,

Baptiste Grenier 写道:
Le 30/01/08 à 13:32, Kemian Dang téléscripta :
Hi, everyone,
I have installed the FB7-rc1 and the nvidia driver from port and kept update to the newest version, but when I change the xorg.conf to use the "nvidia" instead of "nv", the X gave a complain about no /dev/nvidiactl and stops, so I can only use nv, which seems slow on some 3d application. I tried to download the source from nvidia web page to compile, but it said it is not for fb7 now. But, when I install from port, it did not give any error or warning.

So, have anyone tried nvidia driver on fb7 and succeed? Please give some advice on how to solve this problem.

Are you loading the nvidia module at boot time? I remember someone
explaining that the nvidia module needs to register the card before the
kernel. A kldload is unsifficient, you need to reboot with this in your



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