,--[ On Sunday 20 Jan 2008, WATANABE Kazuhiro wrote:
| Hello.


| loader.conf(5) says:
| | comconsole_speed
| |           (``9600'' or the value of the BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED vari-
| |           able when loader(8) was compiled).  Sets the speed of the
| |           serial console.  If the previous boot loader stage speci-
| |           fied that a serial console is in use then the default
| |           speed is determined from the current serial port speed
| |           setting.
| If you specify to use a serial console via /boot.config and
| want to change the speed from 9600bps (default), you need to add
| the "-S speed" flag to your /boot.config.  See boot(8) for details.

By me specifying use of serial console via /boot.config, you mean '-D'
option, which I specified in /boot.config, hmm...?

If yes, then this means it'll override 'console' setting I specified
in "loader.conf", hmm...? e.g. if I specified 'console=vidconsole' in
'loader.conf', but has '-D' in /boot.config, will I get output on both
serial and internal console, hmm...?

And BtW, if I specify anything at loader prompt, e.g. "set
comconsole_speed=115200", it works, i.e. I can connect to serial
console at 115200 bps. So won't values specified at loader prompt have
same priority as values specified in "loader.conf", hmm... ? Sorry I'm
bit confused regarding which gets priority, 'loader.conf' or

| > 2. Keyboard doesn't work irrespective of '-P' being present in
| > /boot.config . So I can't login to any TTY or login to X via GDM.
| >
| > I'm following
| > http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/serialconsole-s
| >etup.html
| Is a login prompt displayd to the video console?

I asked GDM service to start at startup. So I get a GDM GUI, but I
can't use my keyboard to enter my username there, not I'll be able to
switch TTYs, though mouse is working fine.

| If not, the system boot sequence may have been stopped at some kinds
| of daemon (sshd, sendmail, etc.).

I've all my hostname, and DNS stuff set up correctly, so there isn't
problem of any kind, as I see messages of sendmail, sshd starting on
my serial console at 9600bps. BtW, only 'dmesg' message appears on my
video console, whereas all kind of messages appear on serial console,
do I need some changes in syslog too to get all messages also on my
video console, hmm...?

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