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My new motherboard has the built-in VIA Chrome9 graphics processor,
which seems to use the xf86-video-via driver.  The driver works, no
doubt about that, but I badly want to configure gamma, contrast, etc.

There is supposedly a configuraton utility for Linux, but the few
comments I can find about it are not very encouraging.  After all, even
the s3gamma utility for Windows is rather clunky and lackluster.

I may simply have to buy yet another grahics card (there is no AGP slot
on this board).  But it seems odd that there is no way to configure this
processor, which otherwise seems fairly capable (unlike, say, the nv
driver).  Being able to somehow set gamma independently on the RGB
channels might be all I need.  Thanks for any hints.

I haven't used it, but you may want to check out the openchrome project (http://www.openchrome.org). There is a FreeBSD port available in the ports tree under x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome.


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