Karl Triebes wrote:

I would like to see per-jail quotas such as the ones Andy mentions,
and would like to hear if anyone would be interested in doing it for
the right price. You may contact me via this list or in private.

Per-jail quotas are Trivial you use zfs... You can even resize a zfs mount 'on 
the fly'.

    Here is the command to resize a jail to 100GB of space::
    # zfs set quota=100G tank/jails/myNeatoWebsite

As for doing it for a price, I'll consult -- granted I just let The Secret out 
of the bag.  :)
I can build a 1TB to 6TB box for you and have it all set and ready for jails, or you could do it yourself.

As for CPU, I 'auto nice' pids with high CPU usage:

# This is BEERWARE [b] Rudy
# auto-nice-jails.pl - set this up in cron to run every 5 minutes
#use strict;

open PS, "/bin/ps -axo time,pid,nice,state,command | /usr/bin/sort -nr |" or die "no PS for me. $). $!";

while (<PS>) {
        # examples:
        #191:49.16  0 R+J  ./q3ded +set fs_game arena +set vm_game 0 +set 
sv_pure ...etc...
        # 21:23.58  4 RN+J ./sc_serv
        /^\s*(\d+):(\d+).\d+\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\S+)\s+(.*)$/ or next;
        my ($cputime,$pid,$nice,$state,$command) = (($1*60+$2),$3,$4,$5,$6);
        ### print "($cputime,$pid,$nice,$state,$command)\n";

        last if ($cputime < 30);
        next unless ($state =~ /J/); # only jailed procs...
        next if ($nice > 5);
        my $renice = 2;
        $renice = 4 if ($cputime > 1000);
        $renice = 5 if ($cputime > 10000);
        if ($renice > $nice) {
                print "$pid\t$nice\t$cputime\t$command\n";
                system("/usr/bin/renice +$renice $pid");

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