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On Wednesday 30 January 2008 07:18:51 pm Kemian Dang wrote:

I have a laptop which using the broadcom wireless card.
I download the bcmwl5a.inf/.sys and use ndisgen to generate the .ko
file, then I kldload it as the doc said.
I can see ndis,if_ndis and bcmwl using kldstat, but there are no ndis0
when ifconfig.
I have tried add the bcmwl to the /boot/loader.conf, but still no ndis0.
And there no message in the dmesg about the ndis.

Did you copy the bcmxxx.ko file to /book/kernel/ ? If you did, make sure you have an entry in your /boot/loader.conf: bcmxxx_load="YES"

I have my bcm driver called 'bcmwl5_sys.ko' and 'bcmwl5_sys_load="YES" in my /boot/loader.conf.

Hope that helps

Yes, mine is bcmwl5a_sys.ko and I have tried to put it in the loader.conf. Actually, it is in the loader.conf now. I list it below:

%ls /boot/modules/bcmwl*
%more /boot/loader.conf

Does "yes" differ from "YES"?

Best wishes,
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