Thanks, and that'll make shared (.so) libraries just fine?

Well, that was certainly a relief. That very much describes the C
interface I made already. I'm working on a alternate ports listing
system, and I wanted to use something that I didn't mind programming
in /and/ I knew should be available on any FreeBSD system without
requireing more port installs, so I went with C or C++. I want it to
be easy to write back-end database modules, in case people don't want
to use the two that I write (SQLite2 and a my own flat-file system).
There are only three functions that need wrapped: open, query, close.
Open returns that void* pointer, query and close take it as the first

Any ideas on the C interpreter? It's been a while since I've done a
lot of C/C++.

-Jim Stapleton
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