Mark Moellering wrote:
On Thursday 31 January 2008 9:59 am, Chris Whitehouse wrote:

I'm trying to get some data off a laptop. The disk is buried inside
somewhere so to avoid dismantling the laptop I am trying to mount it
using a FreeBSD livefs cd (7.0RC1).

Note all the commands and output below are typed up by hand but I think
they are accurate.

Fixit# ls -l /dev/ad0s2
crw-r-----  1 root  operator    0,  94 Jan 31 13:39 /dev/ad0s2
Fixit# mount_ntfs -o ro /dev/ad0s2 /mnt
mount_ntfs: /dev/ad0s2: No such file or director

So I thought I would try using ntfs-3g which I would prefer anyway as it
  is probably safer.

Fixit# pkg_add -r fusefs-ntfs
Fetching ftp://[pathto]fusefs-ntfs.tbs...pkg_add: warning error writing
to tar: Broken pipe Done.
pkg_add: unable to open table of contents of file '+CONTENTS' - not a

Lastly dmesg shows:
GEOM_LABEL: Label for provider ad0s2 is ntfs/HDD.

So how can I mount the hard disk?

Or can anyone suggest an alternative way to get the data other than
dismantling the laptop? I've tried ping which is a linux based disk
cloning livecd but it can't see network or a usb hard drive.

As a secondary question, could ntfs-3g be included in the livefs CD? It
seems like quite a useful utility to have.



Chris, On my system, the ntfs partition you need to mount is ad0s1 Also, make sure that the ntfs driver is either in your kernel or loaded as a module at boot, should be ntfs_load="YES" in loader.conf as module This should allow you to mount the drive, assuming nothing major is wrong with it. (I have dual boot system andthese are the settings I use) obviously, if you are not mounting as root, you have to make sure you can mount as a user...

Loading ntfs did it thank you! (I'm using Fixit on the live CD and had to load ntfs at the boot prompt but otherwise as you said).


Mark Moellering
Psyberation, inc.
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