Looked at dmesg, but am unsure of how Freebsd would
identify a SATA drive.

it says it's sata like that:

ad10: 305244MB <SAMSUNG HD321KJ CP100-10> at ata5-master SATA300
ad12: 305245MB <SAMSUNG HD321KJ CP100-10> at ata6-master SATA300
ad14: 305245MB <SAMSUNG HD321KJ CP100-10> at ata7-master SATA300
ad18: 476940MB <SAMSUNG HD501LJ CR100-12> at ata9-master SATA300
ad20: 476940MB <SAMSUNG HD501LJ CR100-12> at ata10-master SATA300

Wouldn't Freebsd fail to install if it didn't recognize the drives
as SATA ?

no. but if it recognizes it as ATA-33 or like this - something is wrong.
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