On Friday 01 February 2008 08:48:02 Peter Boosten wrote:
> >>> I know I can use
> >>>
> >>> mail -s "logfile " < /var/log/httpd_access.log
> >>>
> >>> in cron to email the content of a log file to a particular email
> >>> address but how do I make that log file a binary attachment (*.gz)?
> >>
> >> gzip -c /var/log/httpd_access.log | uuencode httpd_access.log.gz | mail
> >> -s "logfile" [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> > If you want an actual MIME attachment, see /usr/ports/mail/nail

Nice tip, thanks for that.

>  From a modern mail reader point of view there is not much difference
> between a MIME or a uuencoded attachment.

But there is between an uuencoded /body/ and an attachment.

At the risk of this degrading into a mail useragent battle: kmail didn't give 
an option to uudecode the body.
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