1) Is there any way to run xscreensaver with gdm2?  With gdm, there was a Background option in the config tool, but that's gone.

2) gdm2 crashes if I go to the configure tool, close, then go to the configure tool again.  I saw this same behavior in gdm, and it was solved by starting via /etc/ttys, I think.  Is there anyway to fix this? Basically, once I go to the configure tool, I have to resart gdm2 if I want to go to the configure tool again.

3) I followed the directions to get font anti-aliasing working, and I do have GDK_USE_XFT set to 1 via .gnomerc. However, I don't see any difference in anti-aliasing. There was some anti-aliasing before I did anything at all, for instance in mozilla some fonts are anti-aliased. But there is none in the gnome2 desktop even after the new settings. What am I missing? Do I just need to add the proper fonts or something?


Mark Edwards
San Francisco, CA

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