Wojciech Puchar wrote:
look at this

$SORT is sort -S 512m

$tmp2  is input filename (being 2GB size), $tmp3 is output

this fragment tries (with success) to randomize lines from $tmp2 and write it to $tmp3

while read ll;do
 echo $RANDOM $RANDOM $ll
done <$tmp2 | $SORT |cut -f 3- -d " " >$tmp3

this works but why bash sucks VM space?

69274 test 1 -8 0 1862M 98008K pipewr 1 8:17 40.28% bash

this 1862 is growing until it finishes, resident size is 100M because it gets swapped out.

it looks like echo'ed data is kept in bash memory
I think that's the way it should be, because sort needs the whole output of the loop before it can begin sorting.
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