Here's the rundown:
SSDD 8-sector: 160K  This is all that was available in MS-DOS 1.0, IIRC.
SSDD 9-sector: 180K
DSDD 8-sector: 320K
DSDD 9-sector: 360K  This was the default starting with MS-DOS 2.1, IIRC.
DSHD 15-sector: 1.2G (At least I think it was 15-sector...)

Only the last two appear to be supported by FreeBSD 4.7, at least by

Yeh, according to FreeBSD's /sys/isa/fd.c and /sys/sys/fdcio.h 360k 1.2M 720k are
the only ones supported. This, in particular, is a Mitsumi D509V3 which is a

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