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> Hi,
> I just checked on a clean bsd 6.3 and locate shows no xorg.conf.
> Maybe invoke:
> # xorgconfig
> and see where it dumps the file.
> Cheers
> herbs

As another poster mentioned, I think the whole idea behind Xorg 7.3 is
that there is _no_ xorg.conf by default and, often times, it is never
needed.  Xorg now tries to autodetect your hardware and configure a
working setup on the fly with no xorg.conf.  This autodetection usually
works well; if it doesn't, go through the traditional steps of creating
an xorg.conf manually and move it to /etc/X11.

So, on a clean install with Xorg 7.3 there will be no xorg.conf file
yet 'startx' might work in many cases due to this new autodetection and 

Chess Griffin
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