Hi all,

Trying to get a FreeBSD box up and running, but I keep hanging randomly when building or installing world or kernel.

I've tried at least 8 times so far, initially using an NFS /usr/src containing releng_4. Thinking that I was having problems with my network card or something I've now been trying to simply buildworld and kernel from the source on the ISO of 4.7 release.

It proceeds fine for 10+ minutes, sometimes I've gotten all the way through to the installworld phase, and then the machine simply freezes up in the middle of the install. Other times it's quit just a minute or two into buildworld. No response at the console, no response to pings, nothing logged anywhere in /var/log/*, nothing printed to the console. Seems totally random and it seems to not want to tell me anything about what's happening.

I've checked the SCSI ID's on my drives, and everything _seems_ in order there, The machine was working fine before adding a new SCSI drive.

Here's an outline of the hardware:

Intel Server board 440gx
2x P-III 550 processors
2x 512Mb ECC Dimms
3x 9.1 MB Quantum V drives at ID's 2 4 and 8

I'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem, most likely with the scsi drives, but the Adaptec scsi manager on the board doesn't show any sign of SCSI problems. My next step is to run out and find a new SCSI Cable (Ultra 2 LVD), is there anything else I should look at first?

Tom Wiebe

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