Can anybody help my to write i2c drivers for saa7146 ?

I do not good understand how to connect this device to existing  iicbus 

I do:

static device_method_t saa7146_i2c_methods[] = {
        /* device interface */
        DEVMETHOD(device_probe,         saa7146_i2c_probe),
        DEVMETHOD(device_attach,        saa7146_i2c_attach),
        DEVMETHOD(device_detach,        saa7146_i2c_detach),
        /* iicbus interface */
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_callback,      iicbus_null_callback),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_repeated_start, saa7146_i2c_repeated_start),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_start,         saa7146_i2c_start),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_stop,          saa7146_i2c_stop),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_write,         saa7146_i2c_write),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_read,          saa7146_i2c_read),
        DEVMETHOD(iicbus_reset,         saa7146_i2c_rst_card),
        { 0, 0 }

static int
saa7146_i2c_probe(device_t dev)

static int
saa7146_i2c_attach(device_t dev)
        //... Allocation of some resources

        //add child

        if ((sc->i2c_dev = device_add_child(dev, "iicbus", -1)) == NULL)
                device_printf(dev, "could not allocate iicbus instance\n");


        device_printf(dev, "%s complite\n", __FUNCTION__);

        return (0);

static int
saa7146_i2c_start (device_t dev, u_char slave, int timeout)


DRIVER_MODULE  (saa7146_i2c, pci, saa7146_i2c_driver, saa7146_i2c_devclass, 0, 
MODULE_DEPEND  (saa7146_i2c, iicbus, SAA7146_I2C_MINVER, SAA7146_I2C_PREFVER, 
MODULE_VERSION (saa7146_i2c, SAA7146_I2C_MODVER);

But this now work. –°hild-device do not use any resource and is no active, and 
calling any method of this device lead to panic.

What do I do wrong?

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