At 12:11 AM 2/6/2008, Rudi Kramer - MWEB wrote:

I recently purchased a Asus NX 1101 nic for a intel pc I have at home.
The motherboard is a intel gigabyte GA-8I945GMF and I'm running FreeBSD

The card is correctly using the stge driver but whenever I try and bring
the interface up I get the following message " host interface error
resetting" repeated over and over again and I have to reboot the server.

I tested the card on an AMD gigabyte board (K8M800-8237), also running
FreeBSD 6.3 and the card runs perfectly.

I checked dmesg and also /var/logl/message and I couldn't find anything
useful, any ideas?



Since you are having this problem on one motherboard but not the other, I would try other slots on the problematic motherboard. Usually some PCI slots have different capabilities (besides 32 bit vs 64 bit) as some will allow busmastering as one example. Check the card specs against your motherboard specs for the slots. Also some PCI cards may need irq assignment, some motherboards let you set these, while others make these assignment automatically through some implementation of plug-and-play.


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