In my efforts to make some libraries, I looked up the documentation,
and found does in fact make my life a lot easier.

However, I have a few questions.

1) Initially, this library will actually build several sublibraries.
To keep my code neat, each library has it's own source directory.
However, I also want to make cross linking easier and less prone to
"oops, I forgot to add the library's directory to the lib path list"
issues, so under the source directory I made an 'objs' directory,
where I was manually putting the output. Is there a way to simply have
the final output files sent to that directory?

2) How likely is it to cause compatibility erros if I simply go
through the file, and grab out all of the parts I need, and
manually assemble them into my makefile? i.e. does this makefile vary
much from release-to-release/hardware-to-hardware?

-Jim Stapleton
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