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> >>what are the bbest three languages to learn?
> C, java and as many flavors of ASM as possible =)

You're being redundant. C is just a portable ASM. Java is just a slow
portable ASM. Either one should be enough for even the most jaded

How about Scheme, Eiffel and CAML? Scheme because the worlds best CS
textbook - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by
Abelson, Sussman and Sussman - uses it. Eiffel because the worlds best
OO programming book - Object Oriented Software Construction by
Bertrand Meyer - uses it, and CAML because every programmer should be
exposed to FP at least once.

How about HTML, XML and WML?

Seriously, this is just idle speculation until the OP bothers to tell
us what he intends to use the knowledge for.

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