just because some people use gmail for public mailing lists doesn't mean those 
same accounts and services are used for their private email.

that's an explanation for part of them.

but how about seeing an advert in city of small ISP offering it's services, and giving their contact info with both WWW page and e-mail on wp.pl (polish service, somewhat like yahoo etc..).

it is...funny. but it is very common.

we call this in Poland "shoemaker walking barefoot"

it's just... stupid.

to you :).

I am not disagreeing with your views about google / the big players, but there 
are worse things out there than letting google index your gmail account 
containing public mailing lists postings. :)

that's true. i am using gmail too. i created at least 50 account in "use once and forget" mode - to register somewhere or ask a question being anonymous etc.
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