I have been looking for some summer chool type crash course in C
   and/or = programming tools and have found that there are several
   interesting activit= ies and gatherings for developers. However, I am
   not (yet) a developer. I n= eed something for beginners. I am not sure
   that the Chemnitz  linuxtag= e 2008 is for me, for it definately looks
   as if it is for experienced = programmers. Is there a place for
   beginner wannabe hackers who want a crash= -course in C, perl, glade
   or other programmming tools?

   Born to computers for MS-DOS (and, to a lesser extent, to VAX-VMS) ,
   in = the early nineties, I have been phasing out Windows and using
   FreeBSD (and = others) for some time now. I have programmed with
   PASCAL in school (go gues= s why they thing it's pedagogic) and
   gw-BASIC after that. That was over 10 = years ago. Quite naturally,
   when I read about new developing tools like gla= de or dreamweaver I
   simply don't get the concept. I'm lost. As we Portugues= e say it,
   Ā«like a donkey looking at a palaceĀ».

   The free software community offers lots of programs and projects in
   many= areas but there are others where freesoftware isn't yet present.
   That is t= he case of economics. In the logic of freesoftware I want
   make programs to = fill that vacuum. Well, some of it. What I want to
   do are economic model ba= sed simulators. I could do it in a
   spreadsheet, but I would rather make a n= ice application and make it
   available for everyone. For that, both competen= cies in the economics
   and computing areas are necessary. That brings me to = my three (free)
    1. I wish there were free software programming crash courses for
       beginners= (beginners in programming) in every free software
       community event and gath= eting, providing and entry route for
       those who want to contribute for the a= vailability of free
       software in all areas of thought and all ciences and al= l
       activities and not just be passive users. It could be just at free
       softwa= re events or in association with universities through
       summer schools, for e= xample.
    2. I wish there was a place where I could meet more people in my
       academic = and professional area who may also be interested in
       doing things and making= things happen. Diversity is important.
    3. I wish there was a place for mentoring from programmers and
       experienced= free software people.

   Please notice that I am not demanding, I am willing to contribute to
   all= of my wishes.

   If You can help me or know someone that could help me let me know.


   Rui Duarte

   in Portugal


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