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> I desire to learn Operating System design.  Architecture specific
> code. Portability, etc. Therefore, C asm and Java are hardly
> redundant.

I can see how C and asm fit into that picture. One's the portable
assembler you right most of your code in, and the other is the
non-portable assembler that you right the other bits in. How does Java

> If someone posts a languages question to a mailing list about an 
> Operating System

FreeBSD is more than just an Operating System - it's a complete
platform. For hacking on FreeBSD sources, the answers are C, the ASM
for your machine, and C.

> I still have a right to state thoughts. Don't you think? =)

Of course you do, and I didn't mean to attack either you or your
thoughts. I was expressing my opinion of those three choices.

I'm beginning to think the original posters goal was to start a long,
off-topic discussion.


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