I can actually sympathize with that. I am currently trying to understand some of the inner workings of the FreeBSD kernel but the lack of any design documents make it very challenging. And this is FreeBSD - whose documentation is held in high regard - most open source projects are very poor on inner workings documentation.

>     1. I wish there were free software programming crash courses for
>        beginners=(beginners in programming) in every free software
>        community event and gath=eting, providing and entry route for
>        those who want to contribute for the a=vailability of free
>        software in all areas of thought and all ciences and al=l
>        activities and not just be passive users. It could be just at free
>        softwa=re events or in association with universities through
>        summer schools, for e=xample.


Just some of my bookmarks.
ls -al /usr/share/doc/psd on a FreeBSD system.

As for courses:
-- Mel

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