I would love to be able to mount my NTFS partition R/W, but the FreeBSD
NTFS support is read-only (or almost read-only), so I installed
fusefs-ntfs which I thought would allow this.

After installation (which also pulled in fusefs-kmod, fusefs-libs, and
libublio), I added fusefs_enable="yes" to my rc.conf. Then, after
starting fusefs (which means loading the fuse kernel module), I tried:
# mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/ad0s1 /C
mount: /dev/ad0 : Operation not supported by device

I got the same message for a USB drive on /dev/da0.

Documentation on ntfs-3g is pretty limited. Did I miss something? I
really rather not convert my new USB disk to FAT32 if I don't have to.
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