Kong-Jei Kuan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am running freebsd 4.7 as my gateway to the internet.
> The box has two network cards and is doing nat and dhcp/d.
> Everything seems to be fine except every now and then(on average
> at least once per day) I got this message:
> arp: unknown hardware address format (0x0800)
> what might be the cause of this?

Some other piece of hardware is generating packets with a hardware
address type that isn't known to the FreeBSD networking stack.  In
fact, it's a bogus value; something is getting bytes into the wrong
order.  At some point I figured out what piece of my ISP's gear was
doing this on my own link, but I've now forgotten.

There's nothing wrong, and nothing you can do about it (well, you
could hide the message, but it isn't really worth the effort).

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