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On Tuesday 05 February 2008 13:05:12 Michaël Grünewald wrote:

I am seeking for a word in advice in how to automatically tweak some
applications, possibly making packages for them.

The current solution is: I have a post install shell script that plugs
my files into appropriate location. This works but there is two

You're almost there:
- Create a file Makefile.local in the port you need a post-install shell
script executed with contents:

This will then be packaged in packages as well.
See pkg_create(1) and in particular -i option, as well as grep
_LATE_PKG_ARGS /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk

If you wanna do it cleaner, may want to wrap that in:
.if !defined(PKGINSTALL) && !exists(${PKGDIR}/pkg-install)
        echo "Omg they killed kenny"

So that it errors out, if the port starts providing a post-install script.

Thank you very much for the that tip!

It seems that this will fail for scripts that have `postinstall', or more accurately, that changes may have to be versed in this postinstall script, right?

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