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Forgot to copy the list on this:

     We are having this issue with samba and OSX 10.2.3. We are using
freebsd4.7 serving samba as a fileserver for our company, we have a

of windows and macs connecting to it. The windows machines work just
fine the macs are another story.

I have narrowed it down to this: I can open a file/document from the
fileserver on my mac and edit it but it tells me I dont have the
permissions to copy it back. This is from a volume that I mounted on

desktop using the 'apple+k' to mount it. When I mount it by command

I can edit the file/document(anyfile) and copy it back with no problem

     I have also found this to be true on my linux system. Exact same

I don't claim to be an Apple expert, but I seem to remember that Apple
supports it's file naming conventions by creating an exta file on DOS
style partitions which maps the Apple filename to the DOS filename.

Maybe the Apple system has not got the necessary permissions to create
this extra file.  This could be way off the mark though :).
I just thought of this ...
Samba has the option to "hide dot files" which would prevent the Apples
from ever seeing the .appledouble (as I remember) files at all.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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