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> portmanager -s only lists what needs to be done, it doesn't change 
> anything. It shows which packages are up to date, which are out of
> date, which are current but have been built with out of date
> dependencies, which are missing etc.

There is a slight problem with that however. It only displays what it
believes to be correct at the time it is run. In real life, if
portmanager is run and actually starts to update files, it may
occasionally create a new situation in which other, previously
undisclosed files are now required to be updated to complete the
process correctly. This is where I believe portupgrade fails. I may be
wrong on this; however, I believe that portmanager recalculates
dependencies, etc. after each build. Portupgrade, as far as I can tell,
simply does one pass and that is it. I usually run portupgrade, since
it is quicker; however, when I want to be absolutely sure that
everything is up-to-date, correct dependencies, etc, I run portmanager.

Just my 2ยข.



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