Brian H wrote:
I am trying to switch my router from Linux Router Project to FBSD 4.7 because i think i can get more functionality with bsd :) I am running into a problem with getting it connected to my isp.

i have a cable connection and the way that the LRP connection is through dhcp. it uses the mac address as a means to authenticate.
What do you mean?  Do you mean that your ISP will only give you an IP
if your MAC is registered?  Is your MAC on this machine registered?

What turn on "DHCP" in /stand/sysinstall configure networking menu.
When it asks you if you want to use DHCP and you say 'yes'.

It just hung there for a while and then returned no information from the dhcp server.
During installation?  Or are you doing post-config?  Can you ALT+F4 (I think
it's F4, might be F3) and see any errors wrt DHCP?

Is there anything i can do to just get connnected to my isp?
This has worked fine every time I've done it.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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