Brian H wrote:
I am trying to switch my router from Linux Router Project to FBSD 4.7 because i think i can get more functionality with bsd :) I am running into a problem with getting it connected to my isp.
Was this working under the LRP?  Or has your MAC address changed?

i have a cable connection and the way that the LRP connection is through dhcp. it uses the mac address as a means to authenticate. What turn on "DHCP" in /stand/sysinstall configure networking menu. It just hung there for a while and then returned no information from the dhcp server.
Hmm. Some ISPs want you to authenticate before they'll give you a DHCP lease by requesting a specific hostname, or some other DHCP option. Or try to wheedle a static IP out of your ISP if they can't help you connect to their DHCP server under FreeBSD. :-)


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