On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:32:02AM +0100, Thomas von Hassel wrote:
> We are about to inherit some cobalt raq or qube serves from another 
> company. Now i dont know anything about except that they run some 
> flavour of unix. Is it possible to run freebsd on those. Now i know 
> that by doing that your scrap the fancy webinterface but i dont really 
> need that anyways :)

I'm almost positive that the answer is "no", atleast on the i386 versions.
Unfortunately the Cobalts are not just vanilla PCs (for obvious reasons).
The Cobalt's BIOS is designed to only load a kernel with a specific name
off of the first ext2 partition.  You might be able to put a BSD kernel on
an ext2 partition and then load then continue booting the OS from a
different partition, but I have never tried it.  The boot loader in the
BIOS may or may not check if the kernel is "valid" or not.  I do not have
access to any Cobalt hardware anymore, and I never had enough time to try
it when I worked for that company.

FWIW, I ended up using those Cobalts for Slackware.  Check google for
"slack raq" or something alone those lines.  There was a gentlemen who had
a site with pretty good instructions on how to get Slackware installed on a
RaQ 2, but they also worked on a RaQ 3.

Also, I think some other people have mentioned during this thread, but if
you have a MIPS-based Cobalt, you can put NetBSD on it.  How do you know
which one you have?  The quickest way might be to open it and look at the
processor. :)

Hope this helps.

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