> On Sun, 10 Feb 2008 04:02:15 +0000
>> Afer putting in some extra logging to check something, I've just
>> noticed that my rc.d scripts are not being run at shutdown. 
>> By way of confirmation, my entropy file, which is written out by an
>> rc.d script, has not been written to for a week (I shut-down most
>> nights). I don't recall doing anything then. 
> I put a "touch" on the second line of rc.shutdown, and it never got
> invoked. 
> I could imagine screwing-up the operation of rc.shutdown with a syntax
> error, but I don't see how I could stop it being run at all. As I
> understand it rc.shutdown is run from init if the file exists.  init
> itself doesn't seem to have been modified recently, so I'm out of ideas.

rc.subr and rc.conf will be sourced first, so errors in those could
cause problems.  Is anything showing up in the log?
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