Wojciech Puchar wrote:

just send them an e-mail telling them that you are so sorry about the quality of their website that you have to buy somewhere else.

Do not send this to the webmaster, send it to the sales department.

Those people fight for the clients and give a shit on technology.

exactly. they simply don't know the problem exist.

i think it could be done more "politely" by asking them of sending their product data as text based e-mail (+possible images), because their webpage is unusable.

they will have to respond, and more people doing this will give them a lot of work :) and will motivate them to think

it does not amtter how you do it as long as you address the sales department.

The web master gives a shit for the clients. They are just a disturbing piece of shit for him but they are heaven sent for the sales people.

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