> > I'm having problems with Compaq Hardware as well.
> I don't know if this helps you, but the Compaq SmartArray Adapters have
> a service partition which must be the boot-partition.
> Only installed linux on these machines so far. I know that you have to
> configure the boot-partition for your OS but don't remember if freebsd
> was an option.
Actually you don't.  The Compaq diagnostic partition doesn't have to be installed.  
I've installed W2K, Linux, and FreeBSD 4.x w/o
the diagnostic partition.  It can make your life easier, because you then don't need 
the Smart Start CD to make BIOS changes, but
that's about it.

My problem is with FreeBSD 5.0.  Obviously something has changed, which is keeping 
5.0's install CD, from booting on certain Compaq


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