deepcore wrote:

<chown is in /usr/sbin/>

ok. I get that, and i found it
I can, however not execute it.
whenever i go to the usr/sbin and type "chown" i get
chown: Command not found.

i find this pretty strange as ls -l shows:
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 6688 Jan 12 2007 chown

shouldn't this mean that the file is excecutable by all?
even tried to switch to root first (just executing su)

What i am more specifically trying to do is change the ownership of all the
directories and files on a specific disk, mounted as /mnt/moviedisk, to the
user that is supposed to own them.

Any surgestions? What am i doing wrong as i cannot execute the chown

cd /usr/sbin; ./chown

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