At 09:48 AM 2/12/2008, Trevor Hearn wrote:
Hi there.
I am hoping someone can help me with my question here. I have used freeBSD
for many years, and I am pushing into new territory. I have constructed a 16
1tb drive array from Promise Technologies, and connected it via Fibre to a
Dell server running FreeBSD 6.3.

I can see the promise array, it shows us as DA0. The problem is what is
listed in the Dmesg stream shows the right amount of storage space on the
array, but when I use sysinstall, I cannot mount that space as the full
volume. I don't know if I am missing information on what to put for
geometry, but anything I put does not get accepted as usable.

I know that there is a technique for using targets, etc, but I cannot find
information on doing what I am doing. Well, I don't recognize it as being
what I need. Is there someone or somewhere out there that would have
information that would help me get to the destination I seek?


-Trevor Hearn


I've used promise's hardware in the past. When I have, I defined the array outside FreeBSD. When I installed FreeBSD it saw the array as just a single disk volume, which I partitioned in the sysinstall process.

Do you have the array already created? What are you seeing in sysinstall when you go to partition the volume?


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