Nathan Alan Souer wrote:
>> Nathan Alan Souer wrote:
>>> In advance, I appreciate any help that anyone has to offer. When my
>>> laptop
>>> is running on battery and there is heavy i/o on the disk The machine
>>> kernel panics and reboots. I have updated my base system to current
>>> (7_releng) just a couple days ago in an effort to resolve this issue, to
>>> no change.
>> I would start with a memory test program. I have seen similar things
>> happen
>> with broken memory.

> the machine passes a full pass of memtest86+

Just checking - you did the test in the same conditions (on battery
power) as the crash?

I have a suggestion that's a bit silly but it might help - can you boot
of a live/fixit CD and calculate a hash of the drive's content, on and
off AC power, to see if it's a hardware problem with the controller or
the drive?

(dd if=/dev/drive bs=1m | md5)

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