Vinicius Vianna wrote:
Hi folks,

I wanna setup a home server to make some lab work, in a simple way just throw some different distributions and test they, like bsd systems and linux/solaris also. Currently I'm doing this running Xen on linux, but i wanna to use FreeBSD to use pf and a more stable system. So anyone used some kind of hardware-virtualization using the new amd processors and amd-v? what software should I use? qemu is just too slow for this work.

Thanks in advance,

The only way I'm aware of to do this on FreeBSD is to use qemu with the lkvm module from - I haven't had any success with it (qemu crashed shortly after starting) but it might just have not liked my amd64 installation. The other thing that has worked for me in the past is kqemu in ports - it enables qemu to run a /lot/ faster by running code natively instead of having to interpret each instruction.

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