This One Time, at Band Camp, C Thala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said, On Thu, Feb 14, 
2008 at 04:47:33PM -0500:
> >  > From the sound of it, it seems like you have control of your MTA and
> >  > the backend of your IMAP server. I have neither.

> >  You don't own the server? you don't have an IMAP server of your own?
> >  where do you backup your email then??

> I use fetchmail/getmail to grab my email off the IMAP server, and copy
> it to various places

And you would like to serve what you have archived via IMAP? Or you
would like to forward what you have archived to another email(s)?? For
IMAP you're looking for courier-imap if forwarding then you're looking
for a small procmail configuration. If neither are the case you're
looking for then please expand your 1st e-mail, I couldn't
understand what exactly you're looking for.

Wael Nasreddine
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