Christer Solskogen wrote:
src.conf(5) says:
"The values of variables are ignored regardless of their setting; even if they would be set to ``FALSE'' or ``NO''. Just the existence of an
option will cause it to be honoured by make(1)."

So in my /etc/jail-src.conf I have a couple of options like this:


Running "make installworld SRCCONF=/etc/jail-src.conf" gives me the following errors:

"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 1: Need an operator
"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 2: Need an operator
"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 3: Need an operator
"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 4: Need an operator
"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 5: Need an operator
"/etc/jail-src.conf", line 6: Need an operator

Do I really need something like "WITHOUT_ACPI=TRUE" ?

The variables may be "declared" but are not set. You should set them to "YES".

Cheers, Erik
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