David Kelly wrote:
On Saturday 08 February 2003 09:28 am, Bill Moran wrote:

Maybe the Apple system has not got the necessary permissions to
create this extra file.  This could be way off the mark though :).
I just thought of this ...
Samba has the option to "hide dot files" which would prevent the
Apples from ever seeing the .appledouble (as I remember) files at
Yeah But... The .AppleDouble directories were created by NetAtalk. They were not the creation of clients which had connected to the share.

But you may be on to something as MacOS X does like to create a dot file/directory on shared resources, its just not called .AppleDouble. More like .sD2 IIRC.
Well, I could be wrong about, ".AppleDouble" specifically, but the whole
theory that dotfiles could be disappearing into a Samba black hole is
what I was trying to put across.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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