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On 2003-02-07 08:01, Lord Sith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Rod Person <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Yeah, I got tired of having no success with the modules so I
>>> tried compiling the sbc and pcm drivers directly into the kernel.
>>> Suprise! It now works.
>>> So why doesn't it work with the KLMs?
>>well as I understand it the default kernel doesn't have support for sound,
>>so loading the module without kernel support does not work.
>>I'm not exactly sure but I believe that is it. Someone with more kernel
>>knowledge may know better than I.
> I was loading both the sbc and the pcm modules. I thought that wasn't
> suppose to be any more different than if they were compiled into the the
> kernel using the config file.

There are a few modules that work better when they are loaded by the
boot loader before the kernel attempts to probe devices.  I'm not
familiar with the pcm/sbc modules or drivers, but can you try
preloading the modules through the loader?  Perhaps this fixes the
problems you have when they are not statically compiled in the kernel.

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