Texas Phillip Gray Condreay wrote:

Running FreeBSD 6.3 on an old Compaq 8100 with a standard nvidia graphics card, x has recognized the card and read
"new driver is 'nv'"
before attempting to load "nv" and failing. It then went on to tell me I didn't have a screen. The log file reports that the os failed to check pci ports on startup, however, pciconf -l -cv returns an accurate list. I do have a screen and would like to make x realize that. Help?

"No screens found" is usually a rather general error, and means that
no usable configuration information has been found that X believe is
sane enough to attempt to start a display with.  What else from
/var/log/Xorg.0.log might give you a clue?

Did you run xorgcfg(1)?  Which configuration file is being used?
Have you tried the "vesa" driver?  Sorry for several questions,
but maybe something will click.  Xorg configuration is a tad magical;
not difficult after you've done it a few times, but not exactly, err,
intuitive (not sure that's what I mean exactly, tho) if you're not
completely immersed in the documentation.


Kevin Kinsey
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