Alphons "Fonz" van Werven wrote:
Wojciech Puchar wrote:

first of all, you used that bad letter. Just call it X. Never add an s at the end of the other word. Some people are real allergic to this.

no allergic, just matter of proper naming. X Window System is not a kind of windows.

KDE is not a kind of X Window System too..

Oh come on people...

Someone new to UNIX asks about adding a printer and in response we start
bickering about the above? What kind of arrogant, know-it-all pedants must
the OP think we are?

he will then be well prepared.

Joke aside, there was some help at the end of the original posting. His question was just a bit to unspecific for me to be able to understand his real problem. It seems that his son installed him FreeBSD plus KDE without a printer or he installed a printer and did tell the father how to use it.

Just check his original post, you might can help him.

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