Doug C wrote:
I am trying to build  FreeBSD 5.5 or 6.3 to run on a board that uses the DMP
Vortex86sx SOC. This chip looks like a 486sx, no FPU. Is there a way to make
a build that uses software emulation for the FPU, like the old days?  I do
not see anything in the .cong file that helps. I am trying to end up using
pfSense with it. Or what old version could work with this chip?

Thanks for any help.

Doug Cross

There was a thread about this last month - see I think the outcome was that it's certainly possible to get the userland built with FPU emulation but there's more work required in the kernel since the MATH_EMULATE/GPL_MATH_EMULATE options were removed in 2003.

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