Olivier Nicole wrote:

I am writing a C application that would store files in a directory.

Before it starts storing files, I would like the application to check
is there is enough space in the file system.

How to:

1) knowing the name of the directory, how toknow the file system it
   belongs to (not considering symbolic links, I can decide that the
   directory is always a real path);

2) knowing the file system from 1), how to check the remaining space
   in the file system?

Thanks in advance,


You normally just start writing and deal with the errors that come from full file systems when they show up. The C functions set errno accordingly.

The reason is that the system lies about the remainig space. Weather there is any space left you may use, depends on the user you're running your program as. It would be kinda stupid if your program didn't work because the disk was full, even when you're running as root and are permitted to use the remaining safety space (8% by default).
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