On Monday 18 February 2008 03:07:48 pm Olivier Robert wrote:
> I try to install FreeBSD 6.3 64 bits in a Fedora VMware Workstation
> 6.0..2. I have done the install by choosing ALL + no extra packages
> (but bash).
> Xorg is 1.4.0
> I can have a working X with vesa drivers.
> When running ./vmware-config-tools.pl, I get the following:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Stopping VMware Tools services in the virtual machine:
>    Guest operating system daemon:                                     
> done Guest memory manager:                                             
>  done
> Detected X.org version 0.0.0.
> No drivers for X.org version: 0.0.0.
> It replaced the vesa driver in xorg.conf as it should do, but X
> wouldn't start anymore because the vmware module does not exist.
> I was expecting to see some compilation going on here to build the
> necessary stuff, but as it doesn't detect Xorg, it doesn't build the
> appropriate module (I guess)
> Anyone encountered this problem?
> Any help greatly appreciated.

The script is too old to know what to do with a modular X.org so the 
version detection breaks. Fortunately, X.org ships with the vmware 
(video) and vmmouse (input) drivers these days. If they are not installed 
in your VM then you can install them by hand from 
ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware and 
ports/x11-drivers/xf86-input-vmmouse respectively. Alternatively you can 
do something like "cd /usr/ports/x11-drivers-xorg-drivers && make 
config", select the vm drivers from the list, and then upgrade the 
xorg-drivers port ("portupgrade -f xorg-drivers" if you use portupgrade).

You can install and use these drivers without ever installing the VMware 
tools, although the guestd and memctl components of the tools are useful.

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