well, i put my drive on the sym controller (since it's not seeing my aic7x
chips) and now when i starts downloading and extracting the binary sets it
stops and says there's no space. this is obviously wrong, since just before
that it does a newfs on an almost 9gig slice.

has anyone else had this problem? this is on my alpha.

also, only certain sites work from the installer. they work fine using
ncftp, but most others hang while "looking up...".

I've also had this problem. Instead of installing into the mounted target drive the
installer attempts to fill up /, which is just mfs. I have newfs bug is, but, I've had
the same occurance. However, it doesn't seem to *do* anything... As far as the
"look up" hang: this occurs due to mishandled interrupts in the network controller.
I don't think its driver specific. Once I installed a PCI device and configured the
IRQ to use a non-shared interrupt, the installer was A-OK. I used a Kingston
The base system is a 400mhz Xeon Intel CPU with 128MB RAM. ATA0.0 has a
6449 MB WD. ATA1.0 has a LITE-ON CD. The only other card on the motherboard
is an Intel i740 AGP. The motherboard is an Intel 440BX AGPset GA-6BXC.

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